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GranQuartz 113M 3-in-1 Stone Countertop Cleaner, 16oz Aerosol Can
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GranQuartz 205X 5X Marble Polishing Compound - 4.4 Lbs (2Kg)
205X Marble Polishing Powder is a blend of high quality Italian polishing materials. The solid form of this powder is the most popular polishing media used in Italian Marble Factories. Commonly referred to as "5X Powder", 205X is a very effective way to polish all Marbles, Limestone, Terrazzo and other calcium-containing stone.
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GranQuartz 206R Marble Polishing Compound - 5 LBs
GranQuartz 206R Marble Polishing Compound is a unique blend of high quality polishing materials that restores the polish to worn Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Terrazzo and other calcium containing stone using the same process with which the original factory finish was produced.
Out of Stock Nationally - No Back Order