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Lithofin Oil-EX Oil Stain Remover
Lithofin Oil-EX Oil Stain Remover is a no-nonsense oil stain remover that takes out even the most stubborn deep set oil and grease stains from all natural and engineered stone surfaces. Oil-EX is so powerful, it can even remove the dark discoloration caused by misapplied silicone products around sink edges and fixtures. Oil-EX is safe and recommended for all natural stone surfaces including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and others.
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Lithofin Rust EX Non-Acidic Rust Stain Remover
Another fantastic product from Lithofin, GmbH of Germany! Rust-EX is currently the only commercially available rust stain remover that safely removes rust stains from all polished and unpolished calcium based stones (travertine, limestone, and marble) without damaging the finish.
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Etch Remover ProKit for Marble, Travertine, & Limestone
Marble Etch Remover Kit. Etch Remover ProKit repairs marble etches, travertine etches, limestone etches, and watermarks. No Tools or Special Training Required! Do it Yourself and Save Hundreds of Dollars in Professional Etch Removal Costs!

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Stone Pro Stone and Glass Scrub Safe Abrasive Cleaner - 1 Quart
Stone and Glass Scrub is a unique cleaning formulation designed to safely remove hard water deposits, soap residue, and grout haze from all natural stone and glass surfaces. Great for deep cleaning granite and marble counter tops, glass shower doors, and shower tiles. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Use on counter tops, tub surrounds, bathroom vanities, glass shower doors, shower walls & floors.
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Stone Pro Wet Poultice Stain Remover
Stone Pro Wet Poultice removes most oil-based and organic stains from natural stone, concrete, and terrazzo surfaces. This product is ideal for removing oil and grease stains from kitchen countertops, and removing other colored, organic stains from all natural stones.
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ConfiAd Stain Remover Poultice - 4.4 Pound Canister
ConfiAd Stain Remover Poultice is a ready to use, non-acidic stain remover that is safe and effective for all natural and man made stones. It easily removes moderate-to-severe oil stains, food stains, organic stains, and atmospheric staining without damaging the surface.
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ConfiAd Rust Remover Gel - 1 Liter
Rust Remover Gel is specifically formulated to remove rust stains from all natural stones and most man made surfaces including marble, limestone, travertine (and other calcareous stones), granite, slate, ceramics, porcelains, and other engineered agglomerates. For use in both horizontal and vertical applications.
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ConfiAd Grease Remover
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