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The Truth About "Lifetime" Sealers

Bigfoot, Elvis, and a Lifetime Sealer walked into a bar… Not to be cliche, but this old joke frame provides the perfect springboard for discussing a topic that continues to pop up in the stone care industry - “lifetime sealers”.

It seems that every year-or-so another company comes out with a “lifetime guarantee” program to entice you into buying their product. The latest debutante to the party targets quartz (man-made agglomerate) counter tops. Interestingly enough, a sizeable percentage of quartz countertops don't require sealing, at least early on into their lifespan. Even more interesting is the fact they’ve priced this product literally three times higher than their competitors in the market space. Why, you ask? Because of the “lifetime” guarantee, and the fact that a certain demographic will consistently buy into it. Does this guarantee (and others like it) have a catch? Funny you should ask…

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