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Thinking of repairing Travertine tiles?  Here’s what you need to Know

Tiles are inseparable in the world of construction and interior designing. They protect surfaces and give them a completely new look. Overall, they have given the desired ambiance to live in. Tiles can be of different types; however, Travertine tiles have gained mass popularity. This is because their natural beauty and durability make them a good choice for floors.

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about travertine tiles. We would begin by telling you why Travertine tiles are preferred over others. Then we’ll talk about the ways you could repair travertine tiles with the help of a Travertine repair kit. So let’s dive right in!

What is a Travertine tile?

Travertine is one of the most popular stones used for construction. It is a form of limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits. It is a natural stone floor that can be used in a variety of places in the home giving them a completely different and attractive look.

Classification of Travertine

1. Honed

They have a smooth texture and flat finish, which makes them less slippery. They are the most popular of the finishes available for travertine. This is why people in America form its largest pool of users. Being less slippery, they are used mainly in bathroom and pool areas. It has a matte-like finish and has been filled and lightly polished.

2. Tumbled

Creating good looking tumbled travertine is a subtle process. These are manufactured by packing many pieces of stone together. The stones are cut to the same dimensions, with abrasive materials and water in a large barrel. After the whole process, it gets a unique appearance because of the round edges and corners.

3. Polished

Polished travertine has been polished for maximum smoothness which makes them shiny and glossy. They shouldn’t be used in bathrooms as they get slippery when wet. This is why they are mostly used in commercial areas.

4. Brushed

Brushed travertine is obtained by brushing the surface of the stone to get the desired texture. It has benefits of both honed and tumbled that make it suitable to be used anywhere. Its texture gives it a historic look and provides more friction making it easier to walk on. It comes with a matte finish.

How to repair Travertine tiles

Now, let’s talk about the main point that is ‘How to repair Travertine tiles’. Though the tiles are durable but due to excess wear and tear, even they can experience damage.

  1. The good thing is, they are easy to repair. Many people ignore thin cracks on tiles which lead to the formation of thicker cracks with time as dirt gets deposited in it. The cracks can be fixed by using colored caulk that matches the shade of tiles.
  2. Caulk is used for filling and sealing joints or junctures. If required, the individual tile can be removed and replaced. Careful installation of new tile needs to be done by a professional.
  3. Fixing with caulk is a tedious task and tile might not look the same after its usage. This is why many people resort to using travertine repair kit. It is a preferred way to fix any kind of hole or crack.

travertine repair kit comes with a light filler and a dark filler which matches almost all colors. The tile will look the same as new. It is easy to use and takes less than 5 minutes. It is handy, simple, and can be used by anyone.

Maintenance and Care

Now let’s talk about the ways these tiles could be maintained. As they are porous in nature, big crates or cracks are formed over time.

  1. The most basic step to prevent tiles from damage is sweeping with a dry dust mop. This is beneficial in keeping the surface clean from any fine particle.
  2. Just make sure you avoid acid cleaners or reactive powder for polishing. This is because they leave stains and reduces the life of tile
  3. Using a travertine repair kit immediately after seeing a crack or hole could be a great idea too. We also suggest you to deep clean the floors. This is because deep cleaning the floors and other surfaces once in a while protect them from long term damage.
  4. Using a mild soap occasionally to clean travertine will be effective, but they must not be used consistently as it will make the surface dull.

Advantages of Travertine Tiles

  • Durability

Travertine tiles are popular throughout the globe because of their durability. They are moisture and temperature resistant. One of the best things about them is they look the same even after years of installation, especially if they are taken good care of. These have been used in ancient times and places, for example, Coliseum. A Travertine tile is hard and rough, making it scratch resistant. Thanks to its durability, repair bills are lesser compared to floors made of other natural stones or materials.

  • Appearance

These tiles are being used since ancient times. And even today they are still stylish and trendy. They are available in various colors and shades, giving floors a completely attractive look. The options provided by these tiles are almost endless and you'll be enchanted with its timeless look. Its pierced appearance creates a wonderful visual attraction for the first time watchers. You can also customize the look of your floor as it has several finish options.

  • Versatility

Travertine tiles are versatile in a way that they provide 4 finishes options i.e., honed, tumbled, brushed, and polished. They can be used for various applications like shower trays, wall facades, skin basins, and countertops. They are present in several shapes and sizes. Travertine tiles also exist in 3D forms making them even more versatile.

  • Easy replacement

Being durable doesn't mean travertine tiles can't be damaged. Accidents and wear and tear may cause damages. Replacement is quite easy as you just have to identify the broken or damaged tile and replace it with a similar-looking new tile. These tiles exist in numerous textures and shades. This is why the damaged or broken tiles can be replaced with new and similar tiles making it unnoticeable for others to distinguish between new and old.

  • Low maintenance

In some other types of flooring, chances of damage are more as they are not much durable. However, travertine tiles last for years if taken care of properly. You can use a Travertine repair kit for proper maintenance. It helps in reducing the chances of damages to travertine tiles and keeps it new and shining.

Parting Notes

Overall, Travertine tiles are best for a wide range of uses. You don’t have to worry about cleaning as you can buy a Travertine repair kit. It makes the whole job a lot easier. You can visit our website for more details about the kit and stone care in general.