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The Do's and Don't of Granite Countertop Care

Every modern homemaker has a thing for granite countertops in different parts of the house. Whether it is your kitchen area, living room corner or room decor, granite countertops are indeed a favourite must-have for stylish homes. The durability, superior quality and chic look associated with granite countertops assign it a higher value than other countertop options. 

However, it is of utmost importance that you understand the appropriate do’s and don’ts for maintenance of that lavish granite countertop of yours.

Do nor overanalyze when it comes taking care of your granite countertop. Contrary to popular belief, granite countertop care is just a cakewalk if done properly. It is in fact, no rocket science - just a few essential care tips and tricks and voila! You’re done for a much prettier, hygienic and all-shining granite countertop.

So here we bring you a compilation of easy to follow do’s and don’ts that you can blindly follow to show-off that swanky little corner of yours for years on! 

First, let’s begin with some easy-peasy Do’s:

  1. A quick clean with every spill, every time! 

An immediate swipe and you’re sorted! Yes, every time you or any of those nasty guests of yours spill something on the granite countertop, indulge in a quick cleanup. With granite, the same type of attention is required as with any other material. Granite countertop care needs you to clean it up as soon as possible. Although a little spill here or there cannot possibly etch your superior quality granite countertop, it definitely is capable of staining the surface. And you surely do not want a careless spill to take away that shine!

  1. Indulge in the right cleaning tools for perfect granite countertop care 

Hot water is just what you need to clean and wash off those spills or stains on the granite countertop. Just in case, it is a major mishappening, ensure you use the right tools for the job. 

Find your perfect cleanup-partners right here:

(https://www.mystonecare.com/natural-granite-care-kits.html). Also, if you use the wrong type of cleaning tool, it can in fact irreversibly damage or scratch your countertop.

  1. Use table mats before you directly place those too hot/cold to handle stuff! 

Yes, that’s right. An easily available product is the tabletops or table mats that pretty much saves the granite countertop from the extra hot or too cold items. When you are placing anything on the counter, ensure that you put it right below the vessel or utensil. This prevents the moisture or heat (cold or hot) from harming the granite stone. Although the stone itself is heat resilient making it capable of bearing the heat, you will still not want to take a chance. This is also true for the debris or the black food scratches attached to the cookware after cooking.

  1. Use chopping or cutting boards - always!

Good granite countertop care involves careful steps to be taken even while you indulge in the regular cutting of vegetables, fruits, meat or anything. Ensure you do not place the food on the countertop and start off with your chip-chop. Always, we repeat - always, use a cutting board to avoid any scratches on the countertop surface.

Next, we move on to some must-follow Don'ts:

1. Do not use any random cleaning product for your granite countertop. 

It is always advised to use only the recommended products for taking good granite countertop care. Only apply products that are specifically designed for maintaining the shine, cleanliness and hygienic cleansing of your granite countertop stone type. In case you use the wrong cleaning product, it can pose as a harmful agent for the durability or life of the countertop. 

2. Never stand or sit on your granite countertops

Yes, that is right. You expose the granite top to the risk of getting cracked. However, granite countertops are strongly built which makes them highly capable of holding on to extra weight. Still, it is advised that people standing or sitting on these countertops is a big No! No!

3. Never place any liquid items on your countertops

Any leakage due to puncture or spill can cause issues of hard staining on the granite countertop surface. If you are aiming at a perfect granite countertop care routine, never expose your surfaces to nasty liquids. Use your favourite fancy trays to place the liquid containing cookware, crockery or other items. This primarily adds an extra layer of protection between the granite countertop and that liquid. 

In addition, for attaining that 10/10 granite countertop care goal you might use a granite cleaner - 


This will add efficiency to your daily routine of simple spraying and wiping the granite countertop. The portions that are most used throughout the day must particularly be cleaned and dried regularly. This is also a great way to disinfect the area and keep it highly hygienic. For more such life-saving product for your granite countertop care, click here: https://www.mystonecare.com/natural-granite-care-kits.html

The ideal way to get that granite countertop cleaned is to first remove everything that you have really stacked on top of it. Clear the mess! Then, use high-quality cleaning products essential to your weekly work routine. The granite cleaner does wonders to the shine of the stone as well. A balanced conditioning of the granite stone follows in addition to protecting the sealer of the stone top.

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