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Polished Granite & Marble Sealing Kit
Polished Granite & Marble Sealing Kit

Polished Granite & Marble Sealing Kit

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The Granite and Marble Sealing Kit contains everything you need to seal up to 120 square feet of granite or marble counters (40' x 3') at a fraction of the cost of professional service.
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Our Granite & Marble Sealing Kit provides all the products you need to seal and protect up to 40 linear feet of polished granite or marble counters (40' x 3') plus back splashes - without breaking the bank! We've provided everything in a single discounted package that allows you to truly protect the investment you've made in your expensive granite surfaces.

Your Polished Granite & Marble Sealing Kit is made especially for the homeowner - it is quick and easy to use, safe for your family & pets, environmentally responsible, and cost effective. There is nothing you can buy (even at much higher prices) that will provide better protection for your granite or marble surfaces. Simply follow the instructions contained in the "Directions for Use" tab on this product page and you will achieve outstanding results!

Your Granite Sealing Kit includes:

1 Pint of Stone Pro "Ultimate Pro" Granite & Marble Impregnator (Sealer) - Ultimate Pro provides state-of-the-art protection for your granite and marble. There is nothing you can buy that will outperform it. Here are just a few of the features & benefits:
  • Outstanding Protection Against Oil & Water-Based Stains, Helps Reduce Acid Etching on Marble
  • Non-Toxic & Biodegradable - Safe for You, Your Family, and the Environment
  • Non-Flammable
  • The Lowest Polluting Solvent-Based Impregnator in the World
  • Exceeds Every Local, State, Federal, and International Regulation for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • VERY Easy to Use - Simply Apply It to the Surface, Wait 10 Minutes, and Wipe It Off
  • Fastest Application Time in the Industry - Completely Impregnate (Seal) the Average Kitchen in About 15 Minutes
1 Professional Impregnator (Sealer) Applicator - The applicator provided in your kit is specifically designed to apply impregnators quickly, easily, cleanly and safely to smooth stone surfaces. It may be used over-and over again - just let it dry and store it away for the next use.

3 Commercial Grade MicroFiber Towels - These are the same MicroFiber Towels provided in our MF-5 pack. They measure a full 16"x16", and are perfect for wipe-down when sealing granite surfaces.

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