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Lithofin MN Easy Care Daily Stone Cleaner

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Lithofin MN Easy-Care is a no-rinse cleaner for the daily/routine cleaning of all marble, travertine, granite, slate, other natural stone and engineered surfaces. Routine damp mopping with Lithofin MN Easy-Care maintains and enhances the stone's natural coloration, preserves the natural beauty and integrity of the stone, and enhances the slip resistance and dirt repellency of the surface. Lithofin MN Easy-Care supports the protective effect of impregnators (sealers). Replaces Lithofin DCC.
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Lithofin MN Easy-Care Daily Conditioner/Cleaner is a no-rinse conditioning cleaner that is safe and recommended for the daily/routine cleaning of all natural stone and man made surfaces. Routine damp mopping with MN Easy-Care maintains and enhances the stone's natural patina, preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the surface. 

Regular use of MN Easy-Care helps to create a surface that is more slip retardant and scuff resistant - without build-up or residues. Additionally, special surfactants in MN Easy-Care leave stones dust and dirt repellent, while remaining completely undetectable on the surface. 

MN Easy-Care is an essential part of the Lithofin Stone Care System.

  • Lithofin MN Easy-Care is for no-rinse, routine cleaning and conditioning of all natural stones including travertine, limestone, marble, granite, etc., and manufactured surfaces such as terrazzo. Lithofin MN Easy Care replaces Lithofin DCC.
  • Lithofin MN Easy Care is the #1 selling premium stone cleaner in Northern Europe
  • Lithofin MN Easy-Care can be used for the routine cleaning of any stone flooring, and is especially recommended for those treated with Lithofin or GranQuartz impregnators (sealers) or any topical coating.

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