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Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier - 1 Liter
Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier - 1 Liter

Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier - 1 Liter

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Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier is a special product from the LITHOFIN-MN Range for natural and engineered stone (MN). This ready-to-use siloxane impregnator is solvent based and contains special color intensifying components.
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Aspecial product from the LITHOFIN-MN Range for natural and engineered stone(MN). This ready-to-use siloxane impregnator is solvent based and contains specialcolor intensifying components.


Density:approx. 0,85 g/cm_

Appearance:liquid, colorless, clear

Odor:Petroleum aromatic


FlashPoint: >25C

Solubilityin Water: not soluble


LithofinMN Colour Intensifier penetrates into the surface of the material, andintensifies the color while rendering it water repellent. No gloss or sheen iscreated. Surfaces appear more colorful and fresh _ "wet effect". Thewater repellency of Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier reduces the sensitivity ofthe surface to water penetration, largely preventing staining and facilitatingmaintenance. Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier does not form any layers (nonfilm-forming), thereby maintaining the surfaces gas permeability. The effecton slip resistance of the surface is negligible.


Indoors,with proper maintenance, - nearly unlimited. Outdoors, depending on the type ofstone, the color enhancement will remain for approx. 1 to 2 years. The waterrepellent protective effect will last for approximately 5 to 7 years. LithofinMN Colour Intensifier can be reapplied when the effect fades. Foradditional water repellency and protection against oils stains, Lithofin MNStain Stop can be applied to the surface after Lithofin MN Colour Intensifierhas cured (minimum 12 hours).

Field of Use
Foradding color enhancement to wall and floor surfaces, stairs, entrance areas,terraces, counters, showers, etc. which appear bland and colorless. Suitablefor indoor and outdoor use. May be used on all absorbent, porous natural stones(e.g. granite, gneiss, porphyry, marble, limestone, slate, travertine, etc.) andengineered stones with rough, sawn, honed, or flamed surfaces.

PLEASENOTE THIS PRODUCT MAY HAVE MINIMAL IMPACT ON HIGHLY POLISHED STONES . Non-absorbentsurfaces such as highly polished natural stone or fired materials such asporcelain or ceramic tiles cannot be treated. Glass, wood, plastics and othersurfaces sensitive to solvents must be protected against splashes.

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