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Microfiber cleaning your countertops

A clean house is something we all desire. But sadly, not everyone likes cleaning. It can get so tiring sometimes to clean your home with the little energy left in your body after spending a hectic day at work. However, cleaning can get quite easier if we have the right cleaning tools in our homes.

Microfiber cleaning products are the best cleaning essentials that every household should mandatorily have. They make cleaning easier and more fun. They are available in the form of microfibre cloths, mops, or towels. When it comes to cleaning your countertops, they are far better than using normal papers and towels. But sadly, not many people are aware of their important qualities and are missing out on so much!

Let us know about a few qualities of microfiber cleaning products, that make them the best for your countertops and overall household:

  1. They need not be replaced after every use like paper towels. They can be cleaned and disinfected after every use with bleach or by washing. Thus, you save a lot of money, which is otherwise spent on buying a bulk of paper towels. It not only creates wastage at your home but also results in dumping more into the environment.
  2. They are super absorbent- be it a microfiber towel or mop. The superfine microfiber components are capable of absorbing 6 times their weight in water. So you do not have to worry about spills anymore as they can be cleaned in just a moment.
  3. They are better than sponges as they do not spread bacteria. They can even pick up dirt, grease, and dust with ease and are capable of getting rid of 90% of the bacteria.
  4. Microfiber cleaning products work great on stubborn spots as well. You can scrub and rub the spot without having to worry about leaving a scratch on your countertops.
  5. Hospitals are the place where one can find the utmost cleanliness. Microfiber cloths are so popular that they are even used in hospitals for cleaning. If they can keep hospitals clean, why not your homes?
  6. While using any microfiber-cleaning tool, one need not always make use of cleaning liquids. They can clean 90% of the bacteria even when used simply with water. On the other hand, normal towels or paper towels when used with detergents/liquid cleaners do not remove even 50% of the bacteria.
  7. Microfiber cleaning products are versatile. They can be used for dusting, mild cleaning like getting rid of water spills, and intense cleaning as well. They are suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces besides countertops. They suit every kind of surface ranging from stainless steel to granite and marble surfaces. They can also be used to clean mirrors and windows. They won’t leave a single scratch on your beautiful mirrors. You can also use them to clean bathroom tubs, showers, appliances, and many more!

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How to use microfiber-cleaning cloth

  1. If you are using it for dusting, use it dry. All the surfaces you want to dust and it will absorb every residual in no time.
  2. For other clothes, dampen them with water and wipe the surfaces. For more intensive cleaning, you can use your cleaning sprays or cleaners once in a while.
  3. Use only one side of the cloth unless it starts to leave behind dirt or lint. Keep cleaning until the entire cloth has been used.

How to keep your microfiber cloth clean?

  • Rinse the microfiber cloth thoroughly with warm to hot water after every use to get rid of dirt and grease residuals. The packet/label generally states the right temperature for every microfiber cloth. Once all the dirt is flushed out, it is ready for use again.
  • If you use your Microfiber cloths for daily cleaning sessions, make sure to machine wash them at least once a week But first perform the previous step before throwing it in the machine with your other clothes. Do not machine wash your microfiber cloths unless they start to leave behind traces of lint.
  • Microfiber cleaning products have different care instructions. Follow all the instructions carefully for drying. Mops and duster heads generally have very specific cleaning instructions. So, always check the care label first to avoid damaging your tools.

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The most important thing about microfiber cloths is that they can be used anywhere and everywhere you would normally use a paper towel or cloth towel.

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