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Stone Pro Natural Touch Etch Remover
Stone Pro Natural Touch Etch Remover

Stone Pro Natural Touch Etch Remover

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Do it Yourself - Save Hundreds of Dollars in Professional Etch Removal Costs! Natural Touch Etch Remover Gets Rid of Etches and Wartermarks from Polished Marble, Travertine, and Limestone.
Part Number: SP-NT08
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NOTE: NOT FOR USE ON BLACK OR GREEN MARBLES - If you have etching on your black or green stones please call us at 866-801-4225 to discuss alternatives.
Why spend hundreds of dollars having your etches and watermarks professionally removed from your polished stone surfaces? Until recently, you had no choice... Natural Touch Etch Remover will eliminate all but the worst etches (those that have actually eaten the stone away) and all the watermarks and rings left on your polished marble, travertine, and limestone surfaces. Etch marks left by juice spills, wine, vinegar, acidic cleaning products, and any other acidic substance can now be removed by you quickly, easily, and with no special tools.

Many industry professionals carry a bottle of Natural Touch Etch Remover with them at all times to service clients with etching and watermark problems. Instead of handing them a bill for hundreds of dollars worth of honing and polishing, they can quickly and easily remove the etch and watermarks for a minimal charge. Now, you can do it, too! Natural Touch Etch Remover does not require the use of special tools or equipment.

Natural Touch Etch Remover is not recommended for use on granite or to remove oil-based or water-based stains.