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What Are Some Popular Stone Types for Construction?

A house is meant to last for decades and if constructed with the right kind of stones and construction material, it last for several hundreds of years. Having a stone wall in your home or any other property can also be a gorgeous addition that adds to the landscape.

While it is true that the construction materials available today are many, the picturesque charm and the advantages of using stones for buildings, walls, and other exterior and interior construction holds true even today.

Read on to understand which type of stones are best for construction:


1. Igneous rocks:



This category of naturally found stone includes the hardest rocks of all stone categories. These rocks are formed because of the heating and cooling of lava. More than 700 types of igneous rocks exist. They may even include crystals if observed with a keen eye. Crystals that can be observed are found in stones such as granite and basalt.

Let us understand why igneous rocks make for good construction material.

  • The rock is crystalline in nature, with a structure that ranges from fine to coarse grained. This gives the structure very durable. Hence igneous rocks are a top preference for masons who construct houses.
  • Granite is a universally loved choice; one of the best stones for counter tops and columns in homes owing to its unique properties and nature.
  • Commercially granite is widely used for the construction of dams, piers, and bridges.
  • These rocks also polish very well. In the rock family, granite is the one that is known as the ‘natural beauty’. Making this natural beauty last however, requires the right maintenance.

This maintenance can be done with the help of dual purpose polishes which are designed to add shine and restoration to any structure made using granite. My Stone Care, based out of Santa Ana has a range of products which help users do just this.

We offer a wide range of products including granite cleaners, granite sealers, granite polishes, and even overall granite care kits. Other igneous rocks like obsidian and basalt find usage in the construction of building blocks or the framework of a building. These are common road metals which are even used to make pavements.

2. Metamorphic rocks:


These rocks are formed as a result of changes in pressure or temperature. The word metamorphosis itself means changing. These rocks start out as sedimentary or igneous rocks, but over time they change to such a degree that they have to be put in a category of their own- metamorphic rocks.

Metamorphic rocks can be formed when rocks are buried deep underground and subjected to high pressure. This causes the rocks to change from their original shape to become elongated. They are also formed due to their proximity to magma which causes them to melt partially and develop new properties because of intense temperature change.

Metamorphic rocks can tolerate high pressure and temperature conditions, so their appearance does not change over time. Marble, garnet, slate, quartzite, and chlorite are some common examples of metamorphic rocks.

What makes marble a good fit for a construction stone?

  • Marble finds popular usage in homes for decoration and carving purposes.
  • It is known for its beauty in sculpture and architecture all over the world. Some of the world’s richest architecture such as the Lincoln Memorial, The Taj Mahal, the Washington Monument, and the Bust of Artemis feature intricate marble work which looks pristine even after hundreds of years after they were built. The use of this stone isn’t only limited to these architectural marvels.
  • A popular stone in flooring, marble is also used for the construction of table slabs, sinks, steps, window sills, benches, and columns.
  • You can pick from beautiful shades of white, pink, red, and orange of marble for the construction of any property.
  • Marble has the quality of being translucent.
  • This allows some amount of light to enter in it and give any piece a soft glow.
  • This also allows marble pieces to have a high polish.
  • Combining all of these qualities and add to it the low-cost of these stones, its no wonder that marble is an ideal choice for interior design.

If you’re looking for ways to add a classy touch to your home or make a quality addition to your living space that gives it a makeover, marble makes for an excellent choice. To make sure you maintain the everlasting beauty and charm of marble alive, check out My Stone Care’s marble cleaners, marble sealers, marble problems solvers, and marble polishes.

3. Sedimentary Rocks

When deposits of fragments and sediments collected over time within bodies of water (lakes, rivers, and oceans) sedimentary rocks are formed. Fossil fuels and limestone are present in sedimentary rocks. Builders and architects are interested in the presence of limestone in sedimentary rocks.

 Let us see what makes limestone a universal building material.

  • Limestone is very versatile in nature. 
  • The high level of strength of this stone makes it possible for it to be turned into blocks and bricks easily.
  •  Limestone is durable and has a high tolerance to corrosion. 
  • The stone is most commonly used in building tiles, walls, setting swimming pool and bathroom floors, and even as a road metal. 
  • Processes such as bleaching, making glass, and manufacturing of cement, which are integral to construction, also make use of limestone.
  •  Limestone is present in a band of earthy colours and used for creating panels. It is possible to create a polished or brushed finish using limestone. This quality of the stone makes it a popular choice in creating contemporary and decorative pieces in construction.

Pick up your limestone sealers, limestone cleaners, limestone problem solvers, and limestone polishes from My Stone Care and you’re all set!