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SunGlide 18
SunGlide 18' Wet MicroFiber Mop Pad

SunGlide 18" Wet MicroFiber Mop Pad

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Simply the best 18" microfiber mop pad replacement / addition you can buy!
Part Number: MSC-18-WETPAD
Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days

Simply the best 18" microfiber mop pad replacement / addition you can buy! This is the same microfiber mop pad included in our MicroFiber Starter and MicroFiber 4-Pack kits. These MicroFiber pads are warrantied for commercial use - they are not infomercial or home & garden show toys. They are wider than most MicroFiber mop pads on the market, and their unique surface pattern and heavy duty Polyester / Nylon construction provide superior cleaning ability, a longer service life, and a better warranty than anything the competition has to offer.

Our SunGlide MicroFiber Mop Pads can also be used as replacements for MicroFiber pads from Star Mops, Schmops, Neat Items, Rubbermaid, Bona, and other manufacturers using Velcro or hook / loop attachments. Each pad is guaranteed for 3 full years or 300 use/wash cycles in either commercial or residential service.

Our competitors charge as much as $12.00 for a single mop pad that lacks the quality, cleaning ability, and guarantee of our offering. This isa tremendous valueat $8.95!

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