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Taking Care of Engineered stone countertops

Engineered countertops can quickly add a lot of charm to your kitchen or other spaces. They are also easier to clean and maintain as compared to natural stone countertops. This way they have quickly replaced the age-old granite and marble countertops in several homes. These non-porous countertops are super low-maintenance and you will fall in love with all the ease they offer.

While everyone is all praise about how easy they are to clean, it often leaves us wondering about the right way to clean them. That the markets shelves and websites abound with a barrage of stone countertop cleaners, doesn’t make it any easier.

In this article, we will try to break it down and make it very simple for you. Here is how you can maintain your engineered stone countertops.

General Cleaning and Maintenance:

·       Wipe them clean: Wipe down the surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth after you are done using it.

·       Spot clean the stains and dirty areas: Take some water and mix in some mild dishwashing soap. This is a good stone countertop cleaner mixture for mild stains or spills.

·       Tackle watermarks: Once you are done wiping and spot cleaning, wipe with a dry towel. This will help your countertop to stay clear of watermarks.

·       Clean every day: Even if you feel that the countertop hasn’t been heavily used, make it a point to wipe it every day. This is a great way to protect it from dirt, dust and any spills that you may not have noticed. It is also a good practice that will prevent the spread of bacteria. Simple cleaning with a damp cloth is also fine if the counter hasn’t seen heavy use.

Dealing with tough stains:

Tough stains may leave you stressed. You can opt for mild cleaners that are slightly abrasive for shiny surfaces. For surfaces with a matte finish, make a mix of baking soda and water to deal with the stain.

·       Use readymade cleaners: Well, if you are like me, you may find making a cleaning mix quite tedious. You can resort to a readymade cleaning spray or solution. It will save you the hassle of mixing every time and will work on tough stains too. You can either find them online or at a home supply shop near you.

These cleaners work well for degreasing too. Remember, not to opt for a cleaner with bleach as it will discolour your countertop.

This 3-in-1 stone or ceramic cleaner spray is a perfect stone countertop cleaner that will leave your countertop sparkly clean.

·       The sticky substance technique for tough stains: Adhesive removers work well on tough stains. Pour the adhesive remover directly on the stain and wipe it off after 10 mins. Now repeat the wiping process with a rag soaked in warm water. If you do not have an adhesive cleaner handy, you can use caramel too.

·       Isopropyl rubbing alcohol: For stubborn stains, you can use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol followed by wiping with warm water.

Take extra care to prevent stains:

Prevention is always better than cure and it holds good for your engineered stone countertops too. Here are some ways in which you can prevent stains on your countertops:

·       Protect the countertop from excessive heat. Although engineered stone is heat resistant, it is a good practice to use head pads below hot vessels.

·       Oven cleaners, paint removers and the like are very harsh chemicals. Do not use them on your countertop.

·       Do not cut using sharp knives directly on the countertop. Use a chopping board instead.

·       Do not use regular bathroom acids on your countertop

·       If you want to scrape off any food remains or dirt, do it gently with a putty knife

·       If you use disinfectant wipes, ensure that they do not have bleach

·       Do not use scouring pads or heavy abrasives to clean the counter. This will cause scratches. A soft rag or microfiber will do the job well.

·       Use a stone sealer to prevent waterborne and oil stains

Lithofin MN stain stop impregnator is a good choice of sealer that will prevent your engineered stone countertop from stains.


Other preventive measures that you must adopt to keep engineered stone countertops clean:

·   Mind the grease: This is specifically applicable for kitchen counters because they tend to attract a lot of grime. After all, you use oil extensively in the kitchen. It is tough to spot grease in the initial stages in the kitchen but it does build up over time. It is thus advisable to use a stone countertop cleaner or a dish soap and water solution at least every alternate day.

·   Try not to let the spills dry: It is always practical to clean the spills immediately to avoid staining or scraping later. However, it may not be possible always. Sometimes you may not notice a spill until it has dried or maybe too busy with other stuff to clean. A Putty knife is your best friend in case you notice a hardened spill.

·   Permanent Markers and nail enamel: It is good to keep nail paints and permanent markers away from the counters. Do not make notes and to-do lists on counters (yes! There are people who do that). However, markers do magically sneak into kitchens and bathrooms if you have kids at home. Use a wet microfiber cloth to clean the stain. If that doesn’t work, try the sticky substance technique or spray a high-quality cleaning solution on the stain. Remove the cleaner residue with warm water.

If you are confused with the multitude of cleaners available, simply head on to https://www.mystonecare.com/man-made-tile-s/51.htm and choose from a wide range of effective options. You will also find products other than stone countertop cleaners. These include polishes and stone sealers. The products are highly recommended by engineered stone manufacturers and will ensure that your countertop shines forever.