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The 'Everything' Deep Clean & Seal Kit for Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone, & Other Natural Stones

The "Everything" Deep Clean & Seal Kit for Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone, & Other Natural Stones

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The "Everything" Deep Clean & Seal Kit for Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone, & Other Natural Stones - Includes Pad Holder, Handle, Pads, Grout Brush, Deep Clean Gel, Sealer (Impregnator), MicroFiber Towels, and Detailed Instructions.
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Beat the High Cost of Professional Cleaning & Sealing
Do It Yourself and Save Hundreds!

This Product is For:Routine Deep Cleaning & Resealing (Impregnating) Larger Areas of Natural Stone, Including Travertine, Marble, Granite, & Limestone - It is Perfect for Flooring, Shower Walls, and Other Larger Areas

This Product Provides the Following Benefits:
  • Tremendous Cost Savings: Save Hundreds, If not Thousands vs Hiring a Professional (See Chart Below)
  • Achieve Outstanding Results: These Are the Same Products A Professional Would Use - Get Professional Results Without the Pro! We Provide Detailed Instructions, PLUS Our Industry Leading Phone Support
  • Work on Your Own Schedule: Perform the Service When it's Comfortable for You, With No Strangers in Your Home
  • Save Time: We Supply Everything You Need Except Buckets & Wet Vac - No Hunting for Accessories or the Right Products to Do the Job
  • Have Piece of Mind: We Select the Proper Products for Your Job - No Worrying About Using the Wrong Cleaner, Sealer, or Pad Types
  • Save Even More Money in the Long Run: All the Products in This Kit (With the Exception of the Cleaner & Sealer) Can Be Used Over & Over Again
Routine cleaning and sealing are the most important periodic maintenance steps you can take to protect the investment you've made in your natural stone surfaces. Properly cleaned and sealed surfaces last longer, have fewer remedial maintenance problems (and associated costs), are easier to keep clean on a routine basis - and simply put - they just look better.

The "Everything" Deep Clean & Seal Kit allows you to perform a professional-quality deep clean and seal on your stone surfaces and grout lines-
at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional. Here's a quick comparison of the savings you can achieve by using our kit:

Area Size
Service Cost
Kit Cost
You Save
250 Square Feet
500 Square Feet
1,000 Square Feet

We've thought of everything - your Clean and Seal Kit provides the products, accessories, and detailed instructions you need to get truly professional results - without the professional!

Here's what's included in the kit:
  • Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions - Even if you've never done anything like this before, our detailed, step-by-step instructions will provide you with the knowledge and direction you need to achieve professional results. You will benefit directly from our experience, including all the tips and details that can only come from having actually performed the work. And as always, if you have a question or need additional assistance, the best support in the stone industry is only a quick phone call away!
  • 1 Gallon of Deep Clean Gel - We believe Deep Clean Gel is the best high intensity cleaner available in the United States today. It is safe for use on all polished or unpolished stone, tile, and grout lines, and delivers amazing results. We depended on this product professionally for over 5 years - if there was something better out there, you can bet we would have used it...
  • 1 Multi-Adaptable, Extendable Aluminum Handle - The handle included in your kit can be adjusted from 36" to 60", and it fits all of the brush and pad accessories included in your kit. It also fits our SunGlide MicroFiber Mop System frames (not included). The adjustable length feature makes cleaning and sealing both horizontal and vertical surfaces a breeze!
  • 1 Multi-Use Pad Frame - The Multi-Use Pad Frame allows you to quickly and easily attach and remove the white nylon cleaning and rinsing pads and sealer applicator pad included in the kit.
  • 1 GB-9 Grout Brush - The GB-9 Grout brush is a professional grade product specifically designed for cleaning grout lines in natural stone applications. Unlike other grout brushes, it will not scratch or mark sensitive polished surfaces, yet it is strong enough to clean over 10,000 feet of grout lines through its service life.
  • 1 Five-Pack of Premier White Nylon Clean & Rinse Pads - These professional quality cleaning and rinsing pads are specifically designed for use on sensitive stones. They are highly effective, yet will not scratch or mark the most highly polished surfaces. This is the same pad material used with professional floor machines.
  • 1 Lambswool Sealer Applicator Pad - This genuine lambswool applicator pad is perfect for applying sealer (impregnator) to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It attaches quickly and easily to the Multi-Use Pad Frame, and can be used over-and-over again.
  • SunGlide MicroFiber Towels for Clean Up and Sealer Wipe Down - These are commercial grade 16" x 16" MicroFiber towels, and they make short work of final clean up and sealing. They are highly absorbent (one towel will hold over 1 cup of fluid), and perfect for stone work. The 250 Square Foot Kit is provided with 10 SunGlide MicroFiber Towels; the 250-500 and 500-1000 Square Foot Kits contain 20 SunGlide MicroFiber Towels. NOTE: Towels used for sealer wipe down should be disposed of after use.
  • Porous Pro or Ultimate Pro Sealer (Impregnator) - Your kit will include either Porous Pro or Ultimate Pro Sealer (Impregnator) depending on the surface type you select. Simply put, these are the best sealers money can buy. They are easy to use, fast-working, and safe. For honed or non-polished surfaces, we will include Porous Pro with your order. If you select your kit for polished surfaces, we will include Ultimate Pro. The porosity of honed surfaces (high porosity) vs polished surfaces (low porosity) is very different, so providing the right product for the surface type is important.
The 250 Square Foot Kits include 1 quart of either Porous Pro or Ultimate Pro; the 250 - 500 Square Foot Kits include 2 quarts of either Porous Pro or Ultimate Pro; the 500 - 1000 Square Foot Kits contain 1 gallon of either Porous Pro or Ultimate Pro.

NOTE: THIS KIT DOES NOT CONTAIN BUCKETS OR A WET VACUUM. We strongly recommend the use of a wet vacuum when performing the deep clean of your surfaces. You will also need 2 plastic buckets. PLEASE DO NOT USE metal buckets - they will scratch floor.

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