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Stone Pro Ultimate Pro Granite and Dense Stone Sealer
Stone Pro Ultimate Pro Granite and Dense Stone Sealer

Stone Pro Ultimate Pro Granite and Dense Stone Sealer

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Stone Pro Ultimate Pro Granite Sealer and Dense Stone Sealer Provides Unparalleled Protection Against Oil and Water-Based Stains. Electrochemically Bonds to the Mineral Structures Found in Granite, Marble, Other Dense Stones, and Grout.
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"Ultimate Pro" provides state of the art protection for all granite (both polished and honed) dense stones, and highly polished marble. It is a unique, solvent-based impregnator specifically formulated to bond with the mineral structures inherent to granite, marble, and grout. Ultimate Pro penetrates deeply to provide unsurpassed protection against water and oil staining. It is gas permiable, allowing your stone to properly "breathe" so that harmful moisture and by-products are not trapped below the surface. It is non-yellowing and does not change the surface appearance of your granite or grout.

We always recommend a solvent-based impregnator on polished natural stone because solvents penetrate dense, polished surfaces better than water carriers and deliver the flouropolymer (the part that actually protects your stone) deeper into the surface. This is especially true with granite.

To keep your granite looking its best and to protect the surface between sealings, we recommend Stone Pro Finishing Touch with our MicroFiber Towels.

Ultimate Pro is the silver bullet for anyone who wants the absolute best protection for their granite or polished marble surfaces.

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