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Gleme Glass Cleaner
We believe Gleme is the best glass cleaner currently available in the marketplace- and it's the only one we personally use for routine glass cleaning.It out-performs any glass cleaning product we've ever tried, and blows"off the shelf" glass cleaners like Windex, Glass Plus, etc. completelyaway. It is simply outstanding as a window cleaner, mirror cleaner, or cleanerfor computer screens, television screens, automotive glass, plastics,and other surfaces that demand the use of a film-free, non-streaking cleaner.
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Stone Pro Stone and Glass Scrub Safe Abrasive Cleaner - 1 Quart
Stone and Glass Scrub is a unique cleaning formulation designed to safely remove hard water deposits, soap residue, and grout haze from all natural stone and glass surfaces. Great for deep cleaning granite and marble counter tops, glass shower doors, and shower tiles. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Use on counter tops, tub surrounds, bathroom vanities, glass shower doors, shower walls & floors.
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